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Fees and charges for Almond Lane and Weston Road Cemeteries from 1 April 2022.


Interments for Stevenage residents are charged the fee as stated.

Triple fees are applicable for the interment of persons who are non-residents of Stevenage.

Please note that any Coffins or Caskets which exceed 42 inches in width will be charged the equivalent of double burial fees.

 Interment fees



0 - 1 Month (if one or both parents are Stevenage residents) Free
4' - Child (16 years and under if one or both the parent are Stevenage residents) Free
5' - Single depth grave £800
6' - Double depth grave £980
8' - Triple depth grave £1,100

Natural burials

The Natural Burial Glade is located at Almond Lane cemetery where we have single depth grave spaces and ashes plots available.

There is no additional fee for non-residents in this area.

Natural burial fees

Description Fee
Grant of rights £1,150
Burial Fee 5' - Single depth grave £800
Ashes plot (single interment) £330
Ashes plot (double interment) £480

Purchase of Grant of Exclusive Right to a Grave/Plot

Triple fees are applicable for non-residents of Stevenage.

Grant of exclusive right to a grave/plot fees

Description Fee
Child grave (16 years and under) 50 years £250
Adult grave 50 years £1,150
Garden of Rest plot 50 years £350
Grant Transfer £85

Please note that the Grant fee for Coffins or Caskets which exceed 42 inches in width will be charged an additional 50%.

Cremated remains – Sanctum Vaults

Triple fees are applicable for non-residents of Stevenage.

Sanctum Vaults fees

Description Fee
Sanctum Vaults at Almond Lane Cemetery - 15-year lease and first inurnment £1,150
Sanctum Vaults second inurnment £300
Lease renewal fee £1,150
Lease transfer fee £85

A basic inscription on the granite plaque is included in the inurnment fees above. If a more detailed design is requested the price will be given upon application.

Cremated remains

Triple fees are application for non-residents of Stevenage.

Cremated remains fees

Description Fee
Grave space  £330
Garden of Rest (inclusive of Base Stone) £330
Lawn Birches at Weston Road Cemetery - scattering only  £75
Rose gardens (total price payable inclusive of rose and plaque) £575

Cremated remains – Double Casket

Triple fees are applicable for non-residents of Stevenage.

Double Casket fees

Description Fee
Grave Space £480
Garden of Rest (inclusive of Base Stone) £480
Rose Gardens (total price payable inclusive of Rose and plaque) £860

Chapel hire

For services - duration up to 1 hour £135.

Saturday Interments

Saturday Interments fees

Description Fee
Saturday interments can be booked to take place between 9:30am and 12:30pm £650
These are booked with the following additional fees - burials / ashes £200


Memorial fees

Description Fee
Headstone £250
Memorial (Garden of Rest) £235
Each additional inscription £85

Commemorative Information 

Commemorative Information fees

Description Fee
Memorial Wall / Paving - new £47
Memorial Wall / Paving - renewal fee for 5 years £47
Book of Remembrance - per entry £60
Book of Remembrance - each line of verse to a maximum of 4 verses £35
Picture Plaques Price on application
Plaques for trees/shrubs £115
Bench Plaques (10-year renewal) £500


Exhumations fees

Description Fee
Exhumation of Burials By negotiation
Exhumation of Cremated Remains £400

All the above prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable.


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