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Fees and charges for Almond Lane and Weston Road Cemeteries from 1 January 2024.


Interments for Stevenage residents are charged the fee as stated.

Triple fees are applicable for the interment of persons who are non-residents of Stevenage.

Please note that any Coffins or Caskets that exceed 42 inches in width will be charged the equivalent of double burial fees.



0 - 1 Month (if one or both parents are Stevenage residents)Free
4' - Child (16 years and under if one or both the parents are Stevenage residents)Free
5' - Single depth grave£880
6' - Double depth grave£1,150
8' - Triple depth grave£1,500

Natural burials

The Natural Burial Glade is located at Almond Lane cemetery where we have single-depth grave spaces and ashes plots available.

There is no additional fee for non-residents in this area.

Grant of Rights£1,242
Burial Fee 5' - Single depth grave£880
Ashes plot (single interment)£356
Ashes plot (double interment)£518

Purchase of Grant of Exclusive Right to a Grave/Plot

Triple fees are applicable for non-residents of Stevenage.

Child grave (16 years and under) 50 years£290
Adult grave 50 years£1,350
Garden of Rest plot 50 years£385
Grant Transfer£100

Cremated remains – Sanctum Vaults

Triple fees are applicable for non-residents of Stevenage.

Sanctum Vaults at Almond Lane Cemetery - 15-year lease and first inurnment£1,150
Sanctum Vaults second inurnment£300
Lease renewal fee£1,150
Lease transfer fee£87

A basic inscription on the granite plaque is included in the inurnment fees above. If a more detailed design is requested the price will be given upon application.

Cremated remains

Triple fees are applicable for non-residents of Stevenage.

Grave space £330
Garden of Rest (inclusive of Base Stone)£330
Lawn Birches at Weston Road Cemetery - scattering only £80
Rose gardens (total price payable inclusive of rose and plaque)£770

Cremated remains – Double Casket (for 2 persons)

Triple fees are applicable for non-residents of Stevenage.

Grave Space£480
Garden of Rest (inclusive of Base Stone)£480
Rose Gardens (total price payable inclusive of Rose and plaque)£1,079

Chapel Hire

For services - duration up to 1 hour - £160

Wake venue per hour - £60

Saturday Interments

Saturday's interments can be booked to take place between 9:30am and 12:30pm.

These are booked with the additional fees:



Memorial (Garden of Rest)£235
Each additional inscription£85
Memorial Wall / Paving - new£55
Memorial Wall / Paving - renewal fee for 5 years£55
Mulberry Memorial Tree - new£150/£177
Mulberry Memorial Tree - renewal fee for 5 years£150
Digital Book of Remembrance - per entry£75
Digital Book of Remembrance - each line of verse to a maximum of 4 verses£40
Picture plaquesPrice on application
Plaques for trees / shrubs£125
Bench plaques (10-year renewal)£500

Additional Services

Grave Maintenance - Platinum - per year
4x headstone / memorial clean
4x grave weed and tidy
2x spring / summer and autumn / winter bulbs or plants
Weston Road£442
Almond Lane£514
Grave Maintenance - Gold - per year
3x headstone / memorial clean
3x grave weed and tidy
1x spring / summer and autumn / winter bulbs or plants
Weston Road£322
Almond Lane£358
Grave Maintenance - Silver - per year
2x headstone / memorial clean
2x grave weed and tidy
Both cemeteries£185
Turf laying - undertaken 12-18 months after the burial has taken place, watered during summer and patched where required for the first year £112
Turf maintenance - Ongoing turf maintenance (topping up, patching, watering, weeding) £86
Flowers / floral tributes laid - frequency and type of tribute decided by family Price on application


Exhumation of BurialsBy Negotiation only
Exhumation of Cremated Remains£500

All the above prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable.


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