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Our Green Travel Plan aims to reduce car use by encouraging staff and councillors to use alternative modes of transport.

Montage of people doing various things; holding a car door open, riding a bike, walking and sitting on a bus

As a large employer in Stevenage, we are keen to minimise the negative impact that over-reliance on car travel by our officers and councillors can have on the environment. A staff survey revealed that over three quarters used a car to get to work. As the majority of staff do not live far from the office there is considerable scope for an increase particularly in the proportion of people walking and cycling.

Through this plan we aim to demonstrate what benefits moving to alternative modes of transport can bring and take some simple actions to make these choices more attractive.

We hope that other major employers in the town will follow suit and implement their own travel plans. As a planning authority we can include measures to address travel when granting planning permission, particularly for sites that have the potential to generate a large number of traffic movements.