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Also known as Cloth Nappies, Real Nappies can be washed and reused.

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Why choose Real Nappies?

Real nappies are easy to use and very similar to disposables, plus they come in exciting patterns, fabrics and colours.

There are lots of other benefits to using Real Nappies:

  • Kinder to your baby - no chemicals or oils, just the natural absorbency of the material
  • Money saving - saving up to £500 per child compared to constantly buying disposables
  • Good for the environment - a baby will go through about 5,000 nappies changes before they are potty trained. That's 5,000 less disposable nappies sent to landfill.

Changing Nappies Across Hertfordshire

We’ve teamed up with a host of nappy manufacturers and suppliers to bring you some of the best reusable nappies around. Each one of our trusted partners are offering Hertfordshire residents a fantastic 15% off to help reduce your waste and save you money. But more importantly, we are offering a large range of nappies and loads of support so you can find the nappies that work best for you and your baby.

If you live in Hertfordshire and look after children in nappies it’s easy to apply for 15% off products from selected suppliers. Simply visit the Herts Reusable Nappies pages and complete the application form to apply for access to your discount.

Why the Real Nappies offer has changed

Between 2015 and 2020, we offered residents either a free reusable nappy starter kit or up to £50 cashback against the cost of buying their own. We were overwhelmed by the success of this scheme, with application numbers doubling each year.

The success of the scheme led to some inefficiencies in running it and feedback from applicants of the previous scheme showed that the nappies we provided weren't always right for every family and that people needed more support to ensure the nappies were used fully.

The new Herts Reusable Nappies scheme will give access to a greater selection of nappies and accessories, all in one place, as well as much more customer support and advice, so parents and carers can find all the information they need to choose the right reusable nappies and get the best use out of them.