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Young people

Herts County Council run several schemes for younger people.

A Hertfordshire SaverCard entitles the holder to travel for half the adult fare at all times on local bus services within Hertfordshire and to certain destinations outside Hertfordshire.

If you do not have a valid Hertfordshire SaverCard with you at the time of travel you will be charged the full adult fare.

There are two types of Hertfordshire SaverCard; the 11 to 15 year old and the 16 to 18 year old.

Bus passes

As part of a national scheme, Herts County Council has taken over the administration of the National Concessionary Travel (free bus passes) Scheme from District Councils including us. Leaflets explaining the change are available from our Customer Service Centre in Danestrete.

What the change means

This change has no effect on current bus passes, which will remain valid until their expiry date. Anyone wishing to obtain a new pass or renew their existing pass will simply have to send their application (or renewal) form to Herts County Council instead of to us.

How to apply

You can still pick up a paper application form from the Customer Service Centre in Danestrete. You will need to complete it and return it to Herts County Council.

Or you can complete an online application for a bus pass on the Herts County Council website.

Entitlement for bus passes

On 6 April 2010, the age at which people become eligible for concessionary travel changed. This was in line with changes which are being made to the state pension age.

You may apply for a disabled bus pass at any age.

For more information please contact the Concessionary Travel Team at Herts County Council:

Hertfordshire County Council,
PO Box 153,
Herts SG1 2GH

0300 123 4050