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Reporting issues

Problems with roads, highways and street lighting are the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council.

  • Maintenance of roads and pavements
  • Dropped kerbs for private driveways
  • Dangerous paving
  • Damaged footpaths and carriageways
  • Highway signs (not including street nameplates)
  • Public utility trench works, for example, BT, Nynex, SEC, etc.
  • Private hedge or tree overhanging a footpath

You can report an issue with a street light or pothole and find out winter gritting routes on the Hertfordshire Highways website.

You can also report obstructions such as:

  • Advertising A-boards
  • A skip or scaffolding obstructing the pavement
  • Building work affecting pedestrian safety
  • Building materials blocking the pavement
  • An advertising board blocking the pavement
  • Banners or bunting causing an obstruction

Contacting Hertfordshire Highways

Website: Hertfordshire Highways
Telephone: 0300 1234 047