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Support for alcohol and drug misuse

If you answer yes to three or more of the questions below, the No More Service may be able to support you.

  • Do you feel alcohol or drug use prevents you from carrying out your daily tasks?
  • Do you find yourself involved in anti-social behaviour or crime due to your drug or alcohol misuse?
  • Are you receiving warning letters such as non-payment of rent, or being threatened with eviction or homelessness?
  • Do you think your drug/alcohol use is affecting your relationships?
  • Have you felt vulnerable or been a victim of a crime or anti-social behaviour because of drug or alcohol use?

You will work with a dedicated support worker who can help you to address your alcohol or drug use and its impact on you. This includes issues involving housing and antisocial behaviour.

The No More team

We can help you with:

  • Securing and maintaining housing
  • Emotional support management
  • Reducing the need to offend
  • Organising leisure based activities
  • Supported referrals to other services
  • Household management and guidance
  • Financial advice and guidance
  • Health advice and guidance
  • Supporting family relationships
  • Training and employment options

You can refer yourself to the project by contacting by completing the online form below or call us on 01438 242666, or ask an agency to do this for you. This could be your GP, council worker, police officer or key worker.

You will need to fulfil at least three of the relevant criteria to be accepted onto the Service.

  • Involved in ASB/Crime
  • Leading a chaotic lifestyle
  • At risk of eviction
  • Affecting relationships
  • Vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime
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How will you support the client?

The "No More" service in stages
ReferralA self-referral or referral from a professional agency
Initial assessmentAssessing the client using Motivational interviewing
Support planDevise a support plan assessing needs where support is agreed
MeetingA meeting with the client and the professionals involved to discuss positive progress
Review and closureThe case is reviewed and closed as the client may not need further support

Feedback from clients during the Pandemic

“I appreciate my book delivery. It made my day!! I have already started one of them”. Albie is housebound due to her disability and has mental health crisis. She spends her days reading and usually relies on her library delivery which has been cancelled.

“I appreciate the daily calls as I have had no credit to call people”. John recently moved away from the Town Centre which had recently changed his routine and ability to socialise.

“I am extremely grateful for the food parcels and furniture I had delivered for me. It made my experience of coming out of prison easier”. Peter recently released from prison to a property that had been broken into. 

“I am so glad we could do the weekly drug test via video link, as it helps prove to Social Services that I am no longer taking drugs". Louise.

“People are clapping for the NHS again tonight but I’m going to clap for you and all the support you give me". Sandra has daily contact due to mental ill health, neighbour disputes and social isolation. 

“Thanks for everything and sorting out food bank, appreciate it a lot. Thank You Again". David has been in lockdown due to his health and struggled to get food. 

The No More Service

Daneshill House

01438 242666