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Modern Slavery Act - Transparency Statement 2024/25

Stevenage Borough Council’s Vision for Modern Slavery

Stevenage Borough Council is committed to ending all forms of modern slavery. Through working in partnership with local residents, Hertfordshire Police, and organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Modern Slavery Helpline the council aims to make the borough of Stevenage an even safer place to live, work and visit. As a signatory of the Charter for Modern Slavery, the council is also aware of its wider social responsibility, and is committed to having a positive impact on the working conditions of all those involved in supplying its goods and services.

The council has built on the success of its Stevenage Against Domestic Abuse (SADA) service to support other vulnerable groups within the community, including those who may need assistance through a modern slavery support service.  The council has set up the required procedures to serve as a first responder, helping with the National Referral Mechanism (NRM). Through this role the council will offer support and signposting to victims, including advice around accommodation and other wellbeing needs. The service will also aim to raise the profile of modern slavery across Stevenage to ensure greater public awareness

Find out more about the SADA Modern Slavery Service.

Relevant Policies

The following council policies enable council staff to better identify risks around exploitation such as modern slavery and human trafficking:

  • Whistleblowing – to enable reporting of concerns about a danger or illegality that has a public interest to it, usually because it threatens others.
  • Grievance – to enable reporting of any problem or complaint about work, working conditions or relationships with other employees.
  • Sickness – to identify where health, wellbeing and work-life balance is causing an issue for an employee.
  • Disciplinary – to ensure that a high standard of conduct and behaviour is maintained by all staff.
  • Diversity and Equality – to ensure fair treatment of all employees and service users.

The council has created an E-Learning module on modern slavery for all members of staff. This will increase awareness of how to identify signs of modern slavery and how better to support victims.

SADA Modern Slavery service has an Introduction to Modern Slavery training module that we offer to all partners. This is to share information around the duty of a first responder and to continue to raise awareness and understanding of Modern Slavery. This also includes information on referrals to the NRM.

The key to the council’s success will be the way it works co-operatively with partners and local communities to successfully eradicate all forms of modern slavery.