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Author: Sarah Pateman
Owner: Sarah Pateman
Date: October 2023
Review Date: October 2024


The main purpose of this policy is to set out Stevenage Borough Councils (SBC) approach to managing anti-social and nuisance.

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour continues to be a priority for Stevenage Borough Council. Our aims and objectives when tackling ASB and related nuisance are laid out in our Community Safety Strategy 2021-24.

Everyone who lives, works and visits Stevenage has the right to do so in a safe environment that allows them to enjoy the area. Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) can be a destructive force within communities and the lives of a significant number of people can be blighted by the behaviour of an unreasonable minority making other people’s life unbearable. Anti-Social behaviour can also damage the sustainability of communities and adversely affect our ability to let our properties.

Anti-Social Behaviour is taken very seriously by Stevenage Borough Council and will not be tolerated. We expect our tenants, residents, their family members including children or visitors to their home to show consideration and toleration for their neighbours and the wider community.

Stevenage is a safe place to live but we do recognise that we must be effective in tackling ASB and addressing the problems it creates. We will work co-operatively with partners and focus on problem-solving methods which includes using preventative and early intervention measures to reduce incidents of ASB to avoid escalation.

We will look to provide support to those perpetrators who are willing to change their behaviour and although we will seek to resolve complaints of ASB informally, we will take formal or legal enforcement action including seeking possession of a property when necessary.

We maintain that any complaints of ASB remain an allegation until proven or legally tested. We will always take a measured, reasonable, and proportionate approach to enforcement based on the available evidence.