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If you would like to busk in the town centre you need to pre-book and get our permission. To do this you can call 01438 242411 or email

Please see the code of practice below for details on what you can and can't do if busking in the town centre.

Code of practice

This code is intended to set out a standard which, if followed, should enable busking to continue and thrive whilst protecting businesses and residents from excessive noise or prolonged exposure to the same performances.

  1. Buskers are allowed to perform in the following locations only:
    - Near the fountain
    - The Forum square, near HMV
  2. Music or voice shall not be amplified to a level or be so loud that either can be heard beyond a distance of 30 meters or inside any business premises.
  3. Buskers shall not occupy any pitch for more than two hours at a time and shall move to another pitch, at least 50 metres away, after performing.
    They shall not return to the same pitch again on the same day.
  4. Buskers shall not set up a pitch within 50 metres of another busker.
  5. Buskers shall not obstruct the flow of pedestrians in the street. (The Police might regard this as obstruction and take action). In particular, sites close to fire exits, cashpoints or doorways should not be used.
  6. No merchandise (e.g. CDs, posters etc.) should be offered for sale.
  7. Contributions must not be solicited from passers-by. This would be regarded as begging and could result in arrest and prosecution.
  8. If requested to reduce the volume of music, buskers should try to do so, as far as possible, by reducing any amplification or playing quieter tunes. Shopkeepers must not be disturbed by loud music.
  9. Busking in the street should not start before 8am and shall finish by 8pm
  10. No amplifiers can be used in the town centre.
  11. Solely buskers are liable for their actions, omissions and negligence, resulting in loss or damage to the property and/or injury to any member of the public. The buskers should have a valid insurance policy to cover such risks.