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Our loans service provides historical objects for handling.

They are ideal for history and science lessons, displays and art projects.

Many schools choose to use our loan boxes as preparation for a workshop or visit. Others use them for follow-up work back at school.

These are also a useful tool to enhance displays for open days and inspections.

Hire details
Box Type Length of Loan One Box following a Visit One Box
History loan boxes 2 weeks £5.20 £21.00

A returnable deposit of £20 is required per box

History Loan Boxes

These boxes contain objects, information and activity sheets.

1a/b Memories of Washday 1900
1c Memories of Childhood 1900
1d/e Memories of the Kitchen 1900
2a Memories of a Wartime Childhood
2b Memories of the 1940s
2c Memories of a 1940s Kitchen
2d Memories of World War II
3a Memories of a 1950s Kitchen
3b Memories of Washing in the 1950s
3c Living in 1950s Stevenage

Please contact us for a full list of box contents.