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Temporary gallery

Scenes from Contemporary Life: 50 years on

Until 28 March 2024

Find out more about the iconic artist Bill Mitchell and his work here in Stevenage and see the work of local young people who used his art as inspiration. See a film of him working in his studio and have a go at building your own version of his underpass using giant jigsaw pieces.

Drawing showing figures. Left to right a figure bowling (cricket), holding a placard and kissing.

Perform Transform

Opens 6 April

A new installation based on stories and experiences of living in Stevenage. Made by participants in the Perform Transform workshop.

Drawing of an underpass entrance with suggested mural image with handwritten notes

Coming next . . .

Stevenage on wheels

May 2024

In the foyer

The Gordon Craig Archive

17 January – 8 March

Volunteers have been working on the archive for over five years now and they have found some great stuff. Come and find out more.

Two posters - David Essex concert and Aladdin pantomime

Recent donations

30 March – 18 May

See some of the things people donate, from geology to artwork, all with a local flavour.