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Temporary gallery


John Lewis Warehouse

John Lewis Warehouse

14 May – 11 June

Explore the mid-century architecture of Stevenage as drawn by architects practising today. Find out about the pioneering designs and innovations in building techniques used here. Compare and contrast Stevenage, the first post-war new town, with Milton Keynes, one of the last.

Town’s Got Talent

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

2 July – 17 September

Stevenage has produced many talented sports people. This summer, be inspired by their stories and take some of the skills test challenges that await! Just how quick are your reflexes? As fast as Lewis Hamilton’s? And how good are you at putting? Can you get a hole in one like golfing great Ian Poulter?

In the Foyer

The Queen and Stevenage

The Queen

The Queen

See photos of the 1959 royal visit and chart the route she took; photos of the 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations; and memorabilia and more donated by local people, charting her reign.

Sculpture snapshot

3 August – 8 October

Find out about the ongoing work we are doing to help look after Stevenage’s sculpture, see the drawings done by Bill Mitchell as he planned his artwork in the underpass as well as films made by local people about their favourite pieces.