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Temporary gallery

Our promised Utopia: a photographic essay by Theo Parke

A black and white photo of a young man in Stevenage town centre. He stands in the foreground, arm resting on a nail spa advertising board, framed by planting and with a block of flats in the background.

7 - 28 January 2023

As Joe leaves his teenage years, he must come to terms with adulthood. We witness the change and rise of the man who overcomes disability, financial constraints and most of all caring for his family.

Joe as portrayed in 'Our Promised Utopia’ is split in two, the boy from his childhood who relieves the pressure of adulthood through football, and the man who is the backbone to his family.

In the Foyer

'Winged Encounters': Drawings, sculptures and studies created by students at The Nobel School using Stevenage Museum's bird collection.

Stuffed birds, preparatory drawings and wire sculptures.

Until 28 January

These beautiful artworks have been made in response to a selection of taxidermy birds loaned to Nobel School. The students then put together their own proposal and vision for the display, which was installed by our wonderful after-school volunteers. Pop down to the museum to see their work in the  foyer case until the end of January. 

The Home Museum

Do you have a collection you’d love to show off?

We’re offering local people the opportunity to share their passion by putting on a display in our foyer case.

Get in touch if you are interested.