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Stevenage Museum has a collection of over 18,000 photographs and 10,000 objects.

The Museum's collections tell the story of Stevenage from the Stone Age, its development as the first New Town and to the present day.

Our archaeology collection provides evidence of early settlers in the area from Roman farmers to Saxon inhabitants.

Excavations at Chells Manor found pottery and glassware from a Roman farmstead, and unearthed coins dating from 193 - 263AD marked with over 35 different Roman emperors and their families.

Social history objects and archives illustrate the domestic and working life of the local community. The Museum’s collection includes artefacts from local industries, agriculture and crafts, as well as costume and domestic objects.

As the Museum was founded in 1954, our collections are particularly strong in reflecting the history of the town since World War Two.

A collection of fossils and rocks show the geology of the local area and the Museum has a small natural history collection.