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The Stevenage Development Board was set up in March 2020 to deploy government funding allocated to Stevenage through the Town Investment Fund, also known as the #MyTown campaign.

The government-led campaign has selected 101 towns to provide funding worth up to £25m and has enabled local residents to help decide how this money is spent. The board’s role is to provide strategic leadership and to set out a Town Investment Plan with a clear vision, strategy and delivery proposals in place which reflect the ambitions of local people.

The board is formed of representatives from across Stevenage and the surrounding area and includes key stakeholders from public sector organisations, private businesses, and not-for-profit organisation, to ensure a diverse range of views are represented. The board is chaired by Adrian Hawkins, founder of Weldability Sif and co-founder of biz4Biz, who has recently served as the deputy chairman of Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership

The board includes members from public sector organisations (Stevenage Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council, LEP), private businesses (MBDA, Airbus, Mace) and not-for-profit organisations (Wenta, Stevenage BioScience Catalyst) and more.

The work of the development board forms part of the wider, 20-year £1bn regeneration of Stevenage Town Centre. More information can be found on the Stevenage Even Better website

New Town Centre Aerial View

Our Work to Date

In July 2015, the development board’s predecessor, Stevenage First launched the Stevenage Central Framework. This outlined the exciting opportunities which will be used as the basis to drive forward town centre regeneration.

Since then Stevenage First has been busy developing the detail behind the framework, commissioning studies into transport, infrastructure and other areas. These will be the catalyst for future private and public sector investment in order to deliver new housing, shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. At its core is the redevelopment of the railway station which acts as the town’s gateway and will be a critical enabler for wider regeneration.

The communities and businesses of Stevenage remain fundamental as we move forward with our regeneration. A new advisory board of local businesses and wider expertise will be established to secure the involvement of these groups in future work.