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We are the street naming and numbering authority for Stevenage. We carry out these functions under the provisions of the Town Improvements Clauses Act 1847.

Advice for developers

If you are developing one or more properties or splitting an existing property into flats please let us know as soon as possible.

The selection of street names is a matter that requires careful consideration to ensure that they are suitable and will not conflict with, or duplicate, existing names within the town. Although developers' suggestions for street names will be given due consideration, we reserve the right to determine street names from pre-approved lists where there are existing local naming themes or where the site has significant historic interest of will consult with local councillors on each case.

Streets are named and buildings numbered when they are first built but occasionally they have to be changed; for example to accommodate new buildings being built nearby.

Street naming and numbering changes can be a highly sensitive and emotive issue and are a last resort because of the inconvenience it can cause. Any such naming process will require us to carry out a full consultation with local residents.

  • Names suggested by developers must be easily understood, spelt and pronounced with a maximum of three syllables. All new street names should end with a terminal word such as: Street, Road, Drive, Avenue, Gardens, Lane, Place, Crescent, Square, Mews, Close, Circus, End, Hill or Terrace and such terminal words need to be appropriate to the layout of the road.
  • Multiple occupancy residential blocks and office blocks names must have a terminal name such as; Court, Mansion, House or Point for residential blocks and Tower for both residential and office blocks.
  • When a name has been given to a property as well as a number, the name must always be used with the number; a name only cannot be considered as an alternative to a property number.
  • You can apply for the Street Naming and Numbering service once planning permission for the development has been given.
  • For green-field sites, the naming of a development’s road(s) and numbering of dwellings within the site will not be commenced until the developer has provided evidence that construction has progressed to the point of practical completion of drainage and foundations to ensure that addresses are accurately recorded in line with what is actually being built.
  • Applicants must submit a layout plan with the location of each address entrance (post box) marked with an arrow and a location plan showing the development in the context of its surrounding streets.
  • We will update the National Land and Property Gazetteer and liaise with Royal Mail to obtain a postcode for the development. We will also advise all relevant authorities and agencies once the process is completed. Once the relevant details of the development/property have been verified, Ordnance Survey will reflect the outline on the OS mapping database. This process may take many months to be completed by the OS.
  • Where a new street is named, the developer is obliged to erect corresponding street name plates based on the specification and site location/positions advised by us.
  • Registration of official postal addresses for a property/development is completed once all relevant authorities, agencies and applicant have been advised.
  • We will not be responsible for non-delivery of postal items, erroneous parcel deliveries, satellite navigation misdirection, utility organisations’ address enquiries, Royal Mail’s post code finder website or any other third party assumptions and interpretations in regards locating or identifying a property / development.
  • A fee quotation will be given based of the schedule of charges laid out below. The naming and numbering process will begin on advance payment of the fees by the applicant.

To apply for a new name(s) and numbering for street(s) being developed please use the link below to apply online.

Street naming and numbering - new applicants - opens new windowExternal Link - opens in a new window

Advice for property owners

You may only apply to name or change the name of an existing building if you own the property. If you are a tenant you must present a written approval from the owner.

When a name has been given to a property as well as a number, the name must always be used with the number; a name only cannot be considered as an alternative to a property number.

Please use the link below to apply for a change of building name.

Street naming and numbering - change name of dwelling or business premises - opens new windowExternal Link - opens in a new window

Categories and cost

Residential new builds and conversion

Category Cost
First dwelling numbering £109
Next 10 dwellings (per dwelling) £58
All further dwellings (per dwelling) £29
Naming of a building (for example, a block of flats) £292
Naming of new street £220
Change of existing house name or adding an alias name £88
Miscellaneous items (e.g. revised lay-out, renumbering, further notifications to 3rd parties, confirmation of postal address, re-consultations, etc) based on particulars of additional service Quotation based


Category Cost
Commercial premises numbering (per unit) £288
Commercial premises numbering (further units) £145


Street naming and numbering

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