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The Government produces legislation and regulations which govern what does, and does not require planning permission. 

Planning Enforcement

We have legal powers and duties to implement and enforce planning law. This includes protecting buildings of historic importance, controlling outdoor advertisements, dealing with untidy land and buildings, trees and high hedges as well as taking action when serious harm is being caused.

Planning enforcement exists to help control development which has been undertaken without planning permission, or the development constructed does not adhere to the original planning permission granted.

We have to decide whether it is right to take action. It is not a criminal act, in most cases, to breach planning control. However, unauthorised works to protected trees and listed buildings, and the display of unauthorised advertisements, do constitute criminal offences, as does failing to resolve an enforcement notice within a specific timeframe.

Central Government has set down how planning enforcement should operate in the National Planning Policy Framework

Planning Enforcement Officer

Stevenage Borough Council
Daneshill House

01438 242838 or call our Customer Service Department on 01438 242242 where your details will be passed over to the Planning Department for an officer to respond accordingly