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Housing Technical Paper

(SBC 2015)

This paper covers housing, in terms of both demand and supply. It discusses the housing target we have identified for the Borough and how this need will be met through allocations within the Local Plan.

Aspirational Homes Research (2010)

This document recommends criteria for aspirational housing and estimates how many of these types of homes could be built in and around Stevenage.

Stevenage and North Hertfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update

(ORS, 2015 and 2016)

This study establishes the Objectively Assessed Need for housing across the combined area of Stevenage and North Hertfordshire and the need for all types of housing. The study follows the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework published in 2012 and Planning Policy Guidance (March 2014).

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

(DCA 2013)

The key objective of the SHMA is to enable Stevenage Borough Council to understand the nature and level of housing demand and need within the Borough and provide a robust and credible assessment of the local housing market which can be used to inform key polices and strategies.

The study predates the release of National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG).

Strategic Land Availability Assessment - Housing

A Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA or Assessment) is an evidence study designed to estimate the ability of sites in Stevenage to deliver new housing development over the period 2011-2031. It does not form planning policy.

Housing Market Areas in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas

(ORS, 2015)

The Borough Council has worked collaboratively with six other authorities to identify ‘functional’ and ‘best fit’ market areas in line with the NPPF and guidance.

Gypsy and Traveller Site Search

(SBC, 2014)

The report looks at potential sites and areas in the Borough which might be able to accommodate identified Gypsy and Traveller requirements over the plan period.

Planning Policy

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