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The purpose of a Resident’s Visitor Parking Voucher (RVPV) is to allow your guests to park in the street. They can also be used to allow vehicles temporarily kept by you to park, for example a courtesy car provided by the garage while your own vehicle is serviced.

RVPVs can only be issued to a person who lives in the street, and when used must be completed to indicate the date of use and the vehicle the voucher is being used on.

Each RVPV is valid on one day only and for one vehicle only. If placed in another vehicle or used on more than one day it is not valid and if parked in the PPA during controlled hours that vehicle would be liable to receive a PCN.

An RVPV will not be valid if used on any vehicle with a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM or “revenue weight”) of more than 3,500KG or which seats 12 or more passengers.

No property will be issued more than 12 sets of 20 RVPVs in any twelve-month period.

Paper RVPVs cost £15 for a set of 20, and are valid indefinitely. They must be fully completed and displayed in the windscreen. You can also get Virtual RVPVs, which cost £10 for a set of 20 – these have to be used within a year of being issued.

Once received, applications will be processed and RVPVs sent out as quickly as possible but it could take up to two weeks.

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