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We have a Borough wide restriction on the parking of commercial and passenger vehicles.

The restriction relates to commercial vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 5 tonnes or more and passenger vehicles designed or constructed to carry 12 or more passengers in addition to the driver. This restriction is enforceable from:

  • 8pm until 7am Monday to Friday; and
  • 8pm Friday until 7am Monday.

However these restricted vehicles may be parked for free on Argyle Way, SG1 2AD, within the Gunnels Wood employment area of Stevenage:

  • after 5pm until 7am Monday to Friday; and
  • from 5pm on Friday through to 7am on Monday.

CCTV is in operation in this area. At other times the bays in Argyle Way are designated for car parking with a maximum stay of 3 hours with no return within 4 hours.

Any complaints about overnight or weekend lorry parking in the town should be reported to the Parking Office on 01279 655261. We regularly carry out early morning enforcement to deal with these vehicles and we will investigate any complaints received.