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Stevenage Borough Council celebrates today the progress made so far at the development on Scarborough Avenue, Symonds Green – ‘Helston House’, due to be completed next year. Members of the ‘Housing Development Working Group’ were invited to an event at the development site currently under construction. The ceremony showcased the building works to date, highlighting important environmental sustainability features and marked the topping out point where the buildings highest point had been reached, a custom dating back to the 14th Century.

As part of the schemes ongoing commitment to social responsibility and community wealth building, a number of donations were made by the contractor, SJM, to local good causes including the Irish Network Stevenage and the three Mayoral supported charities.

Peggy Lyon, Vice Chair for the Irish Network Stevenage said: “We’re really grateful for the donation received today from SJM and are delighted to have assisted the Council with its ambitious housing plans by hosting the community consultation event for Helston House.

“We look forward to collaborating together on many more future projects for the people of Stevenage.”

The development will see the delivery of 29, one, two and three-bedroom apartments for social rent and will be let to residents currently on the Council’s waiting list. The event revealed how the building was taking shape now that it is weathertight and reached its highest point. There was also the opportunity to discuss the scheme with the contractor and learn about the enhanced environmental technology that has been used in the design. This includes the use of electric heating, triple glazing, added thermal building insulation and Photovoltaic panels for solar energy generation.

Cllr Jeannette Thomas, Executive Member for Housing, Health and Older People at Stevenage Borough Council, said: “The new homes on Scarborough Avenue, due to be completed next year, will be a great addition to the social homes we already have here in Stevenage.

“We are working hard to deliver more affordable and social homes for the town through large re-investment projects, like North Road, which has funded the homes being built at Symonds Green. We are building hundreds of new homes in Stevenage alongside generating local prosperity by creating new jobs on the development sites and offering workers professional training.”

Cllr Sharon Taylor, Leader of Stevenage Borough Council, said: “As we strive to meet the housing needs of the town, it is crucial that we also consider the sustainability impact of construction.

“This scheme showcases the use of sustainability technologies and building practices that mitigate the impact on climate change, but also reduce the amount of money residents have to spend on energy bills. These two issues of sustainability and affordability for residents are what this Council will continue to champion through its housing development programme.”

This project is just one of multiple projects Stevenage Borough Council is delivering to ensure there’s more affordable and social homes for the town. The Council’s Housing Development Team have delivered over 300 new homes for the town and has a further 300 homes under construction in a variety of developments.

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