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Residents and visitors to Stevenage can now access immediate support when in a mental health crisis with the launch of a new facility by Hertfordshire Mind Network with the backing of Stevenage Borough Council.

The Nightlight Crisis Café is available to anyone in need of support amid a mental health need between 7pm and 1am at the Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre on Lytton Way.

The café has been set up to offer people who are feeling distressed a person to talk to in a relaxed, non-clinical setting, which aims to help those in need of immediate support. Staff will offer a non-judgemental listening ear for emotional and practical support and to signpost or refer to other local sources of therapy or advice.

The crisis café is also part of wider work on preventing suicides at Stevenage railway station supported by a multi-agency partnership that is co-chaired by Stevenage Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council Public Health. It is also endorsed by the Hertfordshire Suicide Prevention Programme Board that oversees the delivery of the county’s suicide prevention strategy.

Head of Children & Young People, and Crisis Services, Carys Norman of Hertfordshire Mind Network said: “We are delighted to be working alongside Stevenage Borough Council and the wider community to launch this new Crisis Café for local residents. This will ensure that residents of Stevenage have easy access to mental health crisis support, and a safe space to talk with a skilled mental health worker.”

Mayor of Stevenage, Councillor Margaret Notley said: "We are delighted to be involved in this great new partnership.

"We believe in the power of mental health support and the need for alternative places for people to get support when they are experiencing crisis."

Claire Laurent, Consultant in Public Health at Hertfordshire County Council said: “We fully back the launch of the crisis café and see it as an important resource to support people in distress and help prevent suicides in the local area.”

The Nightlight Crisis Café will be open to those who need it between 7pm and 1am, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and will be staffed by professionals, including people who have experienced mental health problems themselves.

The Nightlight Crisis Café can be accessed by calling 01923 256391 or email: where a member of staff will support you to arrange a visit.

For help or emergencies please call our out of hours number on 01438 314963.