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From October 2022, memorial safety checks will begin in Almond Lane Cemetery.

To comply with current guidelines from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) we are now surveying every headstone in our cemetery to ensure that they are in a stable condition, and do not pose any immediate danger to visitors and staff.

If a memorial is deemed to be unsafe we will take whatever measures we feel are necessary to reduce the risk, this may mean the headstone is laid down. Full details of the grave number and section will be noted, and we will then try to contact the grave owner/s to make them aware of the condition of the memorial.

For your own safety, please do not attempt to re-erect the memorial yourself. The work must be carried out by a qualified Stonemason. Please contact us for advice on the correct procedure if in doubt.

Being able to contact grave owners and family members is often difficult but you can assist us by checking with the Cemetery Office that we have your correct contact details.

You can contact the Cemetery Team on 01438 367109 or email: