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Essential refurbishment works to our flats across Stevenage have been in progress over the past few years providing freshly renovated accommodation for tenants. The works vary from block to block and are determined through a building survey and consultation with tenants and leaseholders - these may include roofing, communal electrics, internal and external communal areas, windows and insulation works.

Mulalley, one of our major renovation contractors, recently finished work on Torquay Crescent (pictured) and the feedback we received so far has been extremely positive.

Council tenants living on Albert Street, who’ve also recently had renovation works done to their property said: “The service that we got from Stevenage Borough Council and contractors Mulalley was exceptional. We were very happy with the service provided. Done a fantastic job. Thank you very much.”

The aim of these major works is to bring the blocks up to a high standard of living and reduce ongoing minor fixes and future maintenance costs. We are investing heavily in these flat renovations with £45 million being invested over a 5 year period.

Cllr Jeannette Thomas, Executive Member for Housing, Health and Older People said: “Taking pride in the community also means making sure we are proud of where we live. We have put millions into making our flats better and future proofing them from repairs.

“We are really proud of the work that’s been taking place on our flats, making living there more pleasurable and hopefully more desirable for future tenants.”

Whilst Stevenage Borough Council are investing heavily in these works, charging leaseholders also for the major works is a legal obligation of the council to ensure that costs involved are recovered. These costs are in line with their lease and only those works covered under the terms of the lease will be charged back based on a fair proportion of the final costs. Our leaseholders have all been consulted with, written to and shortly will be billed for the works and we thank them for cooperating with us through these major renovations.

The benefits are clear for both tenants and leaseholders – future proofing the buildings making them last longer and therefore making them more attractive for both council and private tenants.

For press enquiries contact Corporate Communications on 01438 242168.