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As Britain’s first new town, Stevenage was designed with a great deal of emphasis on green space and its importance in helping to create a thriving community.

Existing features such as hedgerows and lanes, ponds, woodlands, and veteran trees were retained and used to create open space and wildlife corridors, and to provide an immediate sense of place, and many of these features still exist today.

During the coming months, we will be developing two documents that will set out how we will protect, manage, and improve the green infrastructure in our town. Through the development of a Parks & Open Spaces Strategy and a Tree & Woodland Strategy, we will provide 10-year plans to help ensure the delivery of a network of well used, well-loved and well cared for spaces that can be enjoyed by the whole community – providing opportunities for health and wellbeing, wildlife, culture, learning, and community.

We would like to know what you think of the trees and green spaces in Stevenage, and what you want from them now and in the future.

This consultation is now closed.

Your responses will be confidential but will help inform how we develop these two key documents.