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Over 5,500 residents have had their say on Covid the Cobra’s new home.

Residents voted in a poll on the council’s Facebook and Twitter pages between two new homes for the snake – which is currently nearing 10,000 stones long – with the choices Fairlands Valley Park or an underpass near Grace Way.

The two options were selected from suggestions made by residents. Just under 2,900 people voted for the winning option of the underpass, with just under 2,700 voting for Fairlands.

The snake was started on the Grace Way cycle path by mum Dawn Parnell, and her two children Eddie, 10, and Owen, five to bring some cheer to local residents during lockdown and people have added thousands of their own uniquely decorated stones making the snake 0.7 km long!

Stevenage Borough Council will now work with Dawn and Hertfordshire County Council to find the best way of securing the snake to the underpass. There will also be a display at Stevenage Museum, with pictures of the snake and stories from local residents.

Councillor Richard Henry, Executive Member for Children, Young People, Leisure and Culture at Stevenage Borough Council, said: “Thank you to everyone who voted and had their say on where Covid the Cobra should live permanently. We are looking forward to preserving the snake in the underpass for future generations to visit and learn about this unique period in our town’s history that brought so many residents together in difficult times.

“A fundraising page has been set up to raise money to pay for the costs associated with moving and preserving the stones in the underpass, so if you can donate please do.”

Dawn Parnell said: “Myself, Eddie and Owen are so very proud to see the community’s amazing stones being preserved near to where Covid the Cobra grew for everyone to enjoy for years to come, as a permanent reminder of how the community came together to create something so positive during a time of uncertainty.”

To donate, please visit: