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Stevenage Borough Council is proud to announce the launch of its Climate Action Plan tracker. It’s aimed at addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change via climate mitigation, adaptation, and community involvement.

The Council has worked in partnership with Kausal to develop a web-based portal where members of the public, organisations, and businesses can view the work being undertaken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve climate change adaptation and resilience, and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The Action Plan contains relevant climate actions the Council is undertaking, or preparing to undertake, within the following eight strategic themes:

  1. Businesses
  2. Homes
  3. Transport
  4. Construction and Regeneration
  5. Energy and Water
  6. People and Awareness
  7. Waste and Recycling
  8. Biodiversity

Stevenage Borough Council is committed to the transparency and accountability of our climate actions with regular website updates to the tracker and performance metrics to be made available to the public when appropriate.

Councillor Simon Speller, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Performance said:

“As a local ambassador and leader for climate change, it is imperative that the council can show accountability for the achievements made in our contribution towards combatting climate change and enhancing sustainability. The new portal helps to explain technical data using easy-to-understand charts and illustrations.”

“It’s important for all our residents and businesses in our local community to join us on this journey and learn more about the impact of climate change and how it affects us now and future generations too. By making just small changes in our everyday lives, we can all have a big impact.”

For more information about Stevenage Borough Council’s Climate Action Plan portal and sustainability initiatives, please visit the Climate Action Plan.