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Stevenage Borough Council and Hertfordshire Police attended Luton County Court on Thursday 12 January 2023, following an application for an interim injunction to continue to stop car cruising and the associated nuisance in Stevenage.

The injunction which has a power of arrest attached, was granted on an interim basis until the final hearing is heard on the 1 February 2023 at Luton County Court.

The following activities are subject to restrictions in the district of Stevenage:

  1. Drive at excessive speed, or otherwise dangerously
  2. Driving in convoy
  3. Racing against other motor vehicles
  4. Performing stunts in or on motor vehicles
  5. Sounding horns or playing radios
  6. Dropping litter
  7. Supplying or using illegal drugs
  8. Urinating in public
  9. Shouting or abusing, threatening, or otherwise intimidating another person
  10. Obstruction of any other road user

A Stevenage Borough Council spokesperson said: “We are pleased the court has extended the injunction on an interim basis. Our aim, when we applied to the court was to protect the safety of the public, and to prevent the associated anti-social behaviour and nuisance that comes with car cruising. We will be asking the Court to make a final order that participating in, organising or promoting car cruising will continue to be prohibited in Stevenage going forward.”


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