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Summer Holiday Activities

Summer Holiday Activities at Stevenage Museum

We have a range of holiday activities taking place this summer.

There will be sessions from 11am-12noon and 2-3pm each day.

Cost per child is £4 (£2 for concessions).

Call or email the museum to book your place.

Week 1 - Terrific Tudors

Wednesday 3 August - Hornbooks

A hornbook was used by Tudor children to help them learn to read and write. Have a go at making your own and learn about the lives of children over 500 years ago.

Thursday 4 August – Ruffs

No self-respecting Tudor would leave the house without wearing a frilly collar known as a ruff. Join us for some fashionable fun making your own Tudor accessory.

Friday 5 August – Tudor Houses

Created for our younger visitors. Simple Tudor themed arts and crafts.

Week 2 - Sports

Wednesday 10 August – Blow Football Stadiums

Back of the net! Make your own mini football stadium and enjoy the beautiful game whatever the weather.

Thursday 11 August – Aerial Acrobatics

Make an acrobat that can do flips and tricks –flipping good fun!

Friday 12 August – Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Created for our younger visitors. Wheel themed arts and crafts.

Week 3 - Romans

Wednesday 17 August – Tabula

Learn how the Romans spent their spare time and make your very own Tabula board game to take home and play.

Thursday 18 August – Chariots

Chariot racing is one of the most exciting, dangerous and possibly the oldest spectator sport in the whole of ancient Rome. Learn about this extreme sport and have a go at making a model chariot.

Friday 19 August – Roman Mosaics

Created for our younger visitors. Roman themed arts and crafts.

Week 4 - All things arty

Wednesday 24 August – Fairy and Elf Doors

Make a magical fairy door - an entryway into the most mystical world you can imagine. How enchanting!

Thursday 25 August – Clay Day

Come and get messy creating sculptures and pots inspired by nature.

Friday 26 August – All the Senses

Created for our younger visitors – arts and crafts inspired by the five senses.

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