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From June 2022, drivers of taxis and private hire vehicle designated by licensing authorities as being wheelchair accessible must comply with the requirements of Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Disabled Persons) Act 2022 unless they have been issued with an exemption certificate.

You can find more information on access for wheelchair users to taxis and private hire vehicles on GOV.UK.


Under the legislation Stevenage Borough Council can exempt drivers from their duties to assist passengers in wheelchairs if they are satisfied that it is appropriate to do so:

  • on medical grounds
  • or because the driver's physical condition makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for them to comply with the duties

Apply for an exemption

To apply for an exemption, drivers are asked to contact our licensing team at for further information.

Register of wheelchair accessible vehicles in Stevenage

The Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Disabled Persons) Act 2022 requires us to provide a list of wheelchair accessible hackney carriage and private hire vehicles.

Vehicle Details

SBC Plate No. Vehicle Registration Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Type
HCV0071 SF61 EGY Peugeot Expert Hackney Carriage
HCV0072 SF18 GVN Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0073 SF12 LNX Peugeot Partner Hackney Carriage
HCV0074 SF61 GRU Peugeot Partner Hackney Carriage
HCV0075 YM19 EAE Ford Tourneo Hackney Carriage
HCV0076 YP71 HBF Ford Transit Hackney Carriage
HCV0077 SF62 GVW Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV078 SF12 FYS Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0079 SF11 KSY Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0080 BX65 NDF Citroen Dispatch Hackney Carriage
HCV0081 KP71 ZYR Mercedes Vito 114 Hackney Carriage
HCV0082 SF16 DOH Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0083 LT19 OSN Vauxhall Vivaro Hackney Carriage
HCV0084 LB10 NEL Citroen Berlingo M-Space Hackney Carriage
HCV0085 BU53 XEC Mercedes V250 Hackney Carriage
HCV0086 SF67 DXD Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0087 SF62 BAA Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0088 SF67 RRX Ford Journey Grand Hackney Carriage
HCV0089 YX60 XYC Volkswagen Carry Maxi Hackney Carriage
HCV0090 SF60 KWT Peugeot Partner Hackney Carriage
HCV0091 SD17 NZT Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0092 YN59 FKW Volkswagen Caddy Hackney Carriage
HCV0093 SF13 FTT Peugeot Partner Hackney Carriage
HCV0094 SF64 GXZ Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0095 SG63 WGC Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0096 RX18 CNU Ford Tourneo Hackney Carriage
HCV0097 NK65 DHL Volkswagen Caddy Hackney Carriage
HCV0098 SF11 GEU Peugeot Partner Hackney Carriage
HCV0099 SF69 JEU Peugeot Rifter Hackney Carriage
HCV0100 SF67 CUV Peugeot Horizon Hackney Carriage
HCV0255 SH58 OCR Peugeot Partner Private Hire