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We have begun to install Hangar facilities to help provide cycle storage for those who need it. Being unable to securely store a bicycle can be a big barrier to cycling and the benefits it offers.

The benefits include:

  • reduced transport costs
  • improved health for the individual
  • improved air quality and
  • reduced healthcare costs for everyone.

A Cycle Hangar is a lockable, sheltered storage pod for up to six bicycles, with stands to hold them upright and hoops to lock to. Gas-assisted struts allow easy opening by all users.

You can make a site suggestion using the online form detailing where you would like a Cycle Hangar to be installed for you to park your cycle in.

Any suggestions will be recorded to help decide potential future Cycle Hangar installations and ensure they are in locations where they will be used.

Installation of Cycle Hangars is currently carried out on an ad-hoc basis subject to:

  • evidence of demand;
  • availability of suitable space on SBC land or (with the County Council’s permission) public highway and
  • availability of funding.

There is no formal programme for Cycle Hangar installations and we are unable to offer a guarantee of any suggestion's success or failure.  Also, we cannot give an idea of timescales in advance.

If a Cycle Hangar is installed near where you have suggested, you will be invited to apply for a space before they are made available to the wider public. If several people make similar suggestions, they will be offered priority in the order that suggestions were made. If anyone who has put in a suggestion for a particular area doesn’t get a space they will be offered a place on a waiting list.

Use of an SBC Cycle Hangar is subject to the following costs:

  • a deposit of £12 to pay for the replacement of your key if you lose or damage it (refundable when you return the key and give up your space); and
  • an annual rental fee of £12.

Spaces in Cycle Hangars are assigned on a “first come” basis. If there are no spaces left in the preferred Cycle Hangar, applicants are offered a choice between;

  • a space in another Cycle Hangar (if one is available)
  • going on a waiting list or
  • withdrawing their application.