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Stevenage has over 45 km of cycleways, making it one of the best towns in the UK for travelling by bicycle.

Cycleway network

Thanks to the vision of Eric Claxton, the Chief Engineer of the Stevenage Development Corporation, Stevenage New Town was designed from the outset with a substantial cycleway network on which cyclists can ride in safety, uninterrupted by other traffic.

The network is segregated from the carriageways of the town and cyclists can cross at major junctions and other convenient points through underpasses.

These underpasses were designed wherever possible such that motor traffic would climb two metres whereas cyclists would only drop down one metre. In this way adequate clearance could be provided to get cyclists under the flow of motor traffic without the ramps to the underpasses being too steep.

Cyclists can also enjoy cycling straight across the open spaces in the centres of major roundabouts at this lower level.

Maintenance of cycleways

As cycleways form part of the highway network and maintenance of the surfaces and white line markings is the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council, you should report a fault on the road or pavement to them.

The cycleways are mechanically swept every eight weeks and litter is picked once a week. If you see litter or glass, you can report it to our Street Scene and Amenities team who will take action and clear the area.

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