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We are always looking to improve the gardens with new features.

1996 to 1998

In an attempt to relieve some of the water quality concerns, 75% of the fish stock were removed during 1996. To improve the water flow throughout the pond, the outlet culvert relocated to the southern tip of the pond.

Mounding and complimentary shrub planting was carried out to enhance the appearance of the entrance of the Gardens from the town centre underpass.


The high volume of silt within the pond had dramatically reduced the water depth and the pond had become unattractive and unhealthy. Following advice from consultants, the pond was drained down and approximately 60% of the silt removed. New pumps were installed to the fountains and electronic algae control devices were installed. The quality of the pond water was improved as a result.

2003 to 2004

To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, an avenue of trees was planted along the path through the northern section of the Gardens. Unfortunately, the trees were badly vandalised shortly after being planted.

The play area was extended with some new items of equipment being installed.


We appointed consultants Green Heart Partnership (GHP) and HTA Landscape Design (HTA LD) to undertake consultation and masterplanning for the Town Centre Gardens.


We were successful in a bid for government funding to enable £500,000 of improvements to the oval area of the Gardens between the Swimming Pool and Harrow Court. Works began on site during the Autumn and were completed in Spring 2008.


Garden Rooms

Located in the area of the old ‘Blind Gardens’, between the pond and Bowes Lyon House, the area has been redesigned with raised sculptural planters which are planted with a range of sensory plants.

There are two seasonal bedding displays; one designed, planted and maintained by North Herts College and the other by the Friends of Town Centre Gardens.


A small new facility has been built near the underpass entrance to the Gardens to provide two public toilets, including a disabled toilet. The toilets are available during the day and for events in the Gardens. The toilets are inspected regularly throughout the day, but are not available outside of normal working hours.


The pond underwent extensive works to improve the structure and the water quality of this key feature. The pond now benefits from a working fountain, an aeration system, a sleek bridge that provides easier access, marginal and aquatic planting, rafts to provide safe locations for nesting birds and feature lighting to the fountain and bridge.

The fish removed during the improvement works were returned to the pond in autumn 2011.

Play area

A new enlarged area for play has been constructed to provide a range of equipment suitable for all age groups. The new play area includes earth sculpting to provide undulations and mounding and also provides mound slides, swings, climbing nets, hammocks, talk tubes, springies, timber tower unit and boulder forms.

Play area in the Town Centre Gardens


New seating, litter bins and dog bins will be installed. Improved lighting has also been provided along the main access routes throughout the Gardens.

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