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What are the objectives of the Healthy Stevenage Partnership?

The Healthy Stevenage Partnership's objectives are to steer the contributions and efforts of Stevenage Borough Council and partner organisations in the same direction whilst focusing on the following key strategic objectives:

Health Improvement

  • Reduce obesity rates among children and adults. 
  • Increase physical activity rates among children and adults by targeting the most inactive. 
  • Reduce the number of children and adults that smoke, particular among expectant mothers and routine manual workers.
  • Support adults and children to achieve good mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Support older people to remain independent for as long as possible in their homes.

Health Protection

  • Provide and maintain a clean, safe and vibrant environment with access to parks and open spaces.

Health Promotion

  • Communicate better with local residents and professionals to raise awareness of local projects and services. 
  • Support national health campaigns to reinforce key public health messages locally.

Health Inequalities

  • Provide high quality housing and developments in line with demand and population growth considering health and wellbeing through design.
  • Regenerate Stevenage Town Centre creating more employment opportunities, providing an enhanced leisure and cultural offer and public spaces that facilitate health and wellbeing.

How will you meet these objectives?

We aim to meet these objectives through:

  • Partnership working with members and wider organisations, to provide more effective support to the community and the members themselves.
  • Sharing and developing knowledge, expertise, experience and resources throughout.
  • Sign-posting the community, members and wider organisations to existing or proposed support for health inequalities within the town.
  • Liaison with county based organisations and appropriate feedback to local partnerships when required.
  • Promoting the role of The Healthy Stevenage Partnership through meeting attendance and networking to position it as the primary forum for engaging with the local community.