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Paying online

To make a payment or to check your balance online, you will need your account number which is nine digits beginning with a one. If you do not know your account number, you can request that an account card be sent to you.

Request an account card - opens new window

Your invoice will state the quarterly charges due and the date by which you must pay them. When making a payment always quote your payment reference, which is shown on the front of your service charges invoice.

Pay your leaseholder charges - opens new window

Direct Debit

You can also pay your Leaseholder charges by Direct Debit.

Other payment methods

There are various other ways to pay your Leaseholder charges.

Standing Order

You can instruct your bank to pay fixed monthly amounts. You must instruct your bank to amend the monthly amount when the service charge changes. To start paying by this method, please contact the Income Team, who will be able to give assistance.

Internet banking or Bank Giro Credit

Our sort code is 40 43 36 and the account number is 11549200. Complete a bank giro credit slip to make a payment at your bank.


If you have a credit or debit card, you can pay over the telephone by calling 01438 242345.

Major Works Payment Options

Within our Leaseholders Major Works Payment Options Policy, you can find out which one of our payment methods is best for you.

Tell us if you are finding it difficult to pay your bill. We are here to give you the help and support you need to manage your payments.

If you cannot pay or dispute your charges

If you cannot pay or dispute the amount of your service charges, you should seek help immediately, You can get advice from the Citizens Advice, the housing advice service, a law centre or a solicitor.

Show your invoice and a copy of your lease to whoever helps you. Any leaseholder who needs help to pay their service charges is urged to apply to the Department of Work and Pensions for benefit.

If you are in arrears on your service charges and you cannot afford to pay them, it may be possible to arrange repayment by instalments. To do this you should contact us.

Income Services
Daneshill House

Tel: 01438 242666

Please contact us if you have a query about your charges. You have the right to challenge charges at a leasehold valuation tribunal.