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Asbestos surveys

We are in the process of completing asbestos surveys to our garage stock, and as part of these surveys, samples of any suspected asbestos containing materials are taken and sent to our contractor’s laboratory for testing.

As a precaution we have had to restrict access to a small amount of garages. Signage has been put in place where necessary, which is in line with health and safety guidelines.

If your garage is affected you will be notified so there is no need to contact us.

Potential exposure

Small amounts of asbestos have recently been identified in approximately 430 council owned garages. As a precaution you will be aware that we have restricted access to the affected garages.

We have a duty to consider and manage this risk and have received independent advice to assess and understand any possible asbestos exposure to tenants within the garages.

Garage Management Services

Stevenage Borough Council
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