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We are in the process of completing asbestos surveys to our garage stock, and as part of these surveys, samples of any suspected asbestos containing materials are taken and sent to our contractor’s laboratory for testing.

As a precaution we have had to restrict access to a small amount of garages. Signage has been put in place where necessary, which is in line with health and safety guidelines.

If your garage is affected you will be notified so there is no need to contact us.

Garage Access

Under no circumstances should you enter your garage until otherwise advised by Stevenage Borough Council.

Items stored in garages

At this time you cannot access stored items within the garage unless absolutely essential and we would only be able to facilitate this if they are sealed within a container or bag. If you need items out of your garage please contact us to make arrangements. Do not access the garage without a council officer present.

Accessing / using your car

If you need your car out of your garage we can facilitate this for you. We have assessed the risk of you using your car, and once we've removed it from the garage it will be safe for you to use. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Alternative garage

We can arrange for you to use an alternative garage for your vehicle until you can access your garage. Contact us to make a request.

Paying your rent

Account will be placed on and Direct Debits set to zero. If you have chosen to have use of an alternative garage then you will need to make weekly payments for it.

Stored Items

We are developing plans to ensure we can safely return the garages and the items stored in them back to residents. This will involve an analyst being on site to assess each garage individually to see what items can be cleaned safely and returned, however in some instances it may not be possible to safely return items and we will discuss this with residents at the time. Our removal contractor will take photos and itemise any items that have to be disposed of.

Garages programme of refurbishment

The five year refurbishment programme of garages is a separate project but sites could be brought forward in the programme if it makes financial sense to do so.

Loss / damage to belongings

If you consider your possessions have been damaged as a consequence, then you should see our insurance claims against the council for guidance on what you should do.

Security of your belongings

Your keys will be held at the council offices so your belongings will safe while surveys, tests and works (if required) are being carried out

Work completion

Each garage site will be assessed on an individual basis to determine what work, if any is required; as soon as we have a programme of works we will communicate this with the licensee.

Advising garage licensees

Garages within Stevenage are of several different build types and not all garages are affected. We have a surveying programme in place where certain build types are a priority and should we identify asbestos in any further sites this will be communicated to those garage users.

What we have identified in a few sites is small residual amount of sprayed on insulation which given its age and condition we need to take a more precautionary approach with.

Asbestos is present in some of our stock, however at different risk levels. Where we have identified asbestos and it is deemed necessary, we have taken the precaution of restricting access until remedial works are carried out.

Potential exposure

As we have found small amounts of asbestos in the garages, we are taking a cautious approach as to how we ensure the garages are safe to use going forward. This is why we have restricted access and we also want to understand if residents have been exposed to this asbestos.

We have engaged independent advice to investigate possible asbestos exposure within the garages and will update garage users as soon as possible.

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