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Garage Licence Conditions for Vehicle Use – weekly

1. The licence commences on a Monday and continues from week to week until terminated at any time, in accordance with clauses 9 or 10.

2. Stevenage Borough Council will give at least one week’s notice of any increase in the licence fee and the Licensee must pay the new amount from the date specified in the written notice.

3. The Licensee shall:

A. Pay the inclusive licence fee weekly in advance.

B. At the end of the licence (i) leave the garage clean, clear and in a suitable condition for use by an incoming licensee and (ii) return all keys to the garage to the Council’s Customer Service Centre during normal office hours and obtain a key receipt.

C. Use the garage only for the parking of a private motor vehicle belonging to the licensee or his/her immediate family living at the tenant’s address.

D. Keep the garage and its approaches in a clean and tidy condition.

E. Keep the garage secure at all times.

F. Use the garage in a reasonable and responsible manner and report without delay any defect in the garage or its approaches to the Council.

G. Allow authorised employees of the Council or its agents to enter and inspect the premises and to carry out any work considered necessary by the Council (the Council shall endeavour to enter during reasonable hours (save in the case of emergency) but shall be authorised to enter at any time).

H. Be responsible for any damage caused to the garage or to the access to the garage by the licensee or other person using the garage with the licensee’s consent or in breach of this agreement.

I. Notify Stevenage Borough Council of any change of address or contact details.

4. If the garage licensee fails to comply with any of their obligations under Condition above, the Council may carry out the work, the cost of which will be recharged to the licensee and recovered as a debt.

5. The Licensee shall not:

A. Use the garage for any trade or business, including use as a workshop or a place for the sale or hire of goods or the provision or supply of services.

B. Store petrol, other inflammable materials or hazardous substances in the garage or the adjoining area, other than petrol/diesel in the tank of a motor vehicle.

C. Do anything or permit anything to be done which is, or is likely to be, an inconvenience or nuisance or which causes offence to the Council, adjoining residents, or the neighbourhood or which interferes with their quiet enjoyment.

D. Obstruct the access to the garage or access to any neighbouring garages and shall not park a vehicle or place a skip on the garage forecourt without the Council’s consent.

E. Make any alterations or additions to the structure of the garage.

F. Assign or sublet the garage licence or permit any other person to use the garage or share use of the garage.

G. Change any locks on the garage without the prior written consent of Stevenage Borough Council and if the Council consents provide the Council with a set of keys.

H. Use garage for any inappropriate or illegal use.

6. The Council does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to a vehicle or other items stored in a garage. Stevenage Borough Council’s insurance of the garage does not cover any damage or loss to the vehicles or belongings stored in the garage.

7. In the event that the Licensee does not return all keys issued at the commencement of the Licence, the Licensee shall pay Stevenage Borough Council for the cost of replacement lock when the licence is terminated.

8. The Licensee must keep indemnified Stevenage Borough Council and its officers, agents and servants against all claims, demands, proceedings, costs and expenses whatsoever that may be instituted against them arising directly or indirectly out of the use of the garage.

9. Stevenage Borough Council may serve notice to end the Licence by giving 4 weeks (28 days) written notice on the Licensee and then re-entering the premises. The Notice shall be served on the last known address of the Licensee.

10. The Licensee may serve Notice to end the Licence by giving 4 weeks notice (28 days) written notice to terminate on a Sunday and to be served on the Garage Management Service, Stevenage Borough Council, Daneshill House, Danestrete, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 1HN.

11. Stevenage Borough Council may make changes or variations to these Garage Licence Conditions at any time (save for changes specified in clause 1 of these conditions which will require one week’s notice) and if the Council does so, it will inform the Licensee of these changes in writing to the address given by the Licensee. These changes will come into effect immediately and the Licensee will be required to confirm receipt of the notification of these changes by the signing and returning to Stevenage Borough Council of a memorandum within twenty-one (21) days from the date of any written notification made by Stevenage Borough Council to the Licensee of those changes. If the Licensee fails to return the signed memorandum within the aforementioned twenty-one (21) day period, Stevenage Borough Council reserves the right to terminate the licence with the Licensee in accordance with clause 9 above.

12. No relationship of landlord and tenant is created between Stevenage Borough Council and the Licensee by these Garage Licence Conditions and the Licensee shall have no right to exclude Stevenage Borough Council from accessing the relevant garage in connection with these Garage Licence Conditions.

13. Stevenage Borough Council reserves the right to dispose of any goods or vehicles left in the garage after termination of this Licence belonging to the Licensee should the Licensee refuse to remove them. The Council further reserves the right to dispose of any goods or vehicles which it reasonably believes to have been abandoned and shall be entitled to regard as abandoned any goods or vehicles which are left in the Garage or parked on the accesses or forecourt for more than one calendar month following repossession of the garage.