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Caravans on the highway and other public land may block the street illegally.

Safety hazard

Caravans can be a hazardous to pedestrians, particularly children. Caravans can prevent or limit access for other vehicles and be particularly dangerous if they are unstable or have gas cylinders attached.

Advice for caravan owners

Your caravan may not be covered by insurance when parked on the highway or other public land.

  • If you do not have suitable parking provisions at home, arrange to store the caravan at a storage compound – see Yellow Pages, local newspapers etc. for details.
  • If you need to park the caravan in the street to load or unload, try to limit this to one day.
  • Make sure the caravan is stable and that any hazards are removed and that gas bottles are isolated whilst it is stored in the street.
  • Do not allow people to live in the caravan or run electricity cables across the street.

Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association offer lots of advice for those who own a caravan.