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Our responsibility

We treat weeds in public footpaths, kerbs and channels, cycle tracks, neighbourhood centres, residential garage forecourts and compounds, car parks, underpasses, hard landscaped areas, rear access paths and shrub and rose beds.

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How is the work carried out? 

Weed control in Stevenage is carried out by specialist, qualified contractors. Weeds on hard surfaces are treated three times a year. The weed killer used is a contact herbicide. That is, it can only act on weeds that have already emerged above ground level. It is absorbed through the leaves into the plant causing it to die.

The benefits of this type of chemical are that it does not contaminate the soil and water table, nor will it harm wildlife or your pets.

The chemicals that local authorities are allowed to use are strictly controlled and reviewed by DEFRA (the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs).

We do not treat land that is privately owned or properties and estates owned by bodies other than the council.

How long does weed control take?

Because the chemical used is a contact herbicide it means that there has to be weed present and visible in order for the control to be effective. 

When the weeds are actively growing the herbicide will normally take effect within 7-10 days of being applied. During early spring or autumn it may take a little longer before the effects can be seen.

In some instances, where weeds have grown very large, we may strim them or remove them by hand.

To report a problem with weed control on hard surfaces please complete the online report form. Your report will be investigated within 5 working days and, where necessary, the teams will return to site within two weeks. 

Weed killer cannot be used in the following circumstances:

  • When it is too windy - the herbicide could drift on to adjacent land and cause damage.
  • When there is risk of rain - the herbicide would be washed off before it could be absorbed by the weed.

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