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All fees and charges apply from 1 January 2020.

Animal control

Pests and Vermin in Domestic Premises 
Pest Full charge Concessionary
(a) Rats & Mice £52 £39
Rats & Mice (House in multiple occupation) £124  
(b) Cockroaches, bedbugs (single family dwelling £78 £58.50 
Cockroaches, bedbugs (House in multiple occupation) £124  
(c) Wasps £64 £48
(d) Fleas, ants, silverfish & other insects not in (b) or (c) above £124 £93

A call-out charge may be made in any individual case where a visit is made and treatment is not carried out (for example, where the client insists on a visit in respect of a wasp's nest out of season).


The concessionary rate of 75% is applied where the householder is in receipt of:

  • Income Support
  • Job seekers allowance (income based), ESA (IB)
  • Guaranteed pension credit
  • Council tax reduction
  • Housing benefit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit

N.B. The Head of Service and Environmental Health Managers have discretion to waive all or part of the charge in exceptional circumstances for example where there is a risk to public health and the householder is unable to pay.

Pests and Vermin in other Premises
Pest Charge
(a) All insect treatments £124 inc
(b) Rats and mice £124 inc

Additional charges may be made for materials

Please note: Payment to be made at the time of treatment. Invoices will not normally be issued.

Stray Dogs
Microchipping  Prescribed sum / admin charge Kennelling
Microchipped with correct details £50 (includes first day kennel charge)  
Not microchipped / incorrect details £75 (includes first day of kennel charge) £15 per day (or part

Return of dog from kennels to owner's premises £40
Reduction in fee if owner agrees to dog being microchipped by kennels before return.

  • Kennelling will be charged for every day (or part thereof) that the dog is held at the kennels.
  • No reduction available if dog is microchipped with incorrect details.
  • No charge if dog is microchipped and returned to owner without going to kennels
  • Admin charge reduced by 50% if dog is microchipped and tagged as required by legislation.

The Head of Service and Environmental Health Managers have discretion to waive all or part of the charges in exceptional circumstances.

Other dog charges

Fixed penalty dog fouling - £50

Animal Licensing

Activity Part A fee payable on application Part B fee payable on grant
First application Renewal One year Two year Three year
Selling animals as pets £218 £122 £115 £165 £215
Providing boarding for cats £218 £122 £115 £165 £215
Providing boarding for dogs in kennels £218 £122 £115 £165 £215
Providing day care for dogs £193 £97 £115 £165 £215
Breeding dogs £193 £97 £115 £165 £215
Hiring out horses £218 £122 £115 £165 £215
Keeping or training animals for exhibition £218 £122 £115 £165 £215

NB: All fees above are exclusive of vets fees where a vet inspection is required.

Combination of activities - highest applicable activity application fee shown above plus £29 per additional activity added to the Part A fee.

Other Animal Licences
Activity Fee
Re-inspection for re-rating purposes £145
Zoos - initial grant or renewal of licence excluding vet fees £1,925
Dangerous Wild Animals - licence excluding vet fees £371

 Other Charges

Other Environmental Health Charges
Activity Fee
(a) Issue of certificate of Destruction or Unfit or Unsound Food excluding disposal costs £133
(b) Health Certificate for Food Export £108
Health Certificate for Good Export - amendment £18
(c) Food Hygiene Rating Scheme re-rating £172
(d) Chargeable time where no specific fee is set for example, work in default notices:  
Hourly rate EHL Manager £84.31
Hourly rate EHL Team Leader £68.67
Hourly rate Technical / Licensing Officer £42.01
Hourly rate EHO  £55.19
Administrator £24.41
Copies of notices or documents / requests for info Hourly rate Minimum 1 hour

LAPC and LAPPC charges

Application Fees (initial applications)
Activity Fee
(a) Standard process  £1,650
Additional fee for operating without a permit  £1,188
(b) Reduced fee activities  £155
Additional fee for operating without a permit  £99
(c) Vehicle refinishers  £362
(d) Mobile plant for example, screening and crushing  £1,650
For the third to seventh applications  £985
For the eighth and subsequent applications  £498
(e) PVR I and II  £257

Where an application for any of the above is for a combined Part B and waste application add an extra £310 to the above amounts.

Annual subsistence charge (renewal)

Activity Fee
(a) Standard Process  
Low £722 (+£103)*
Medium £1,161 (+£156)*
High £1,747 (+£207)
(b) Vehicle refinishers - Low / Medium / High £228 / £365 / £548
(c) Reduced fee activities - Low / Medium / High £79 / £158 / £237 
(d) Mobile screening and crushing plant - Low / Medium / High £646 / £1,034 / £1,506
For the third to seventh authorisations £385 / £617 / £924
For the eighth and subsequent authorisations £198 / £316 / £473
(e) PVR I and II £113 / £226 / £341
(f) Late payment fee £52

*The additional amounts in brackets must be charges where a permit is for a combined Part B and waste installation.

Where a Part B installation is subject to reporting under the E-PRTR Regulation, add an extra £103 to the above amounts.

Transfer and Surrender

Activity Fee
(a) Standard process transfer £169
(b) Standard process partial transfer £497
(c) New operator at low risk reduced fee activity £78
(d) Surrender £0
(e) Transfer: reduced fee activities £0
(f) Partial transfer: reduced fee activities £47
(g) Temporary transfer for mobiles - first transfer £53
(h) Temporary transfer for mobiles - repeat transfer £10
(i) Temporary transfer for mobiles - repeat following enforcement or warning £53


Substantial Changes s10 and s11

Activity Fee
(a) Standard process £1,050
(b) Standard process where the substantial change results in a new activity £1,650
(c) Reduced fee activities £102

Charges can be paid in four equal quarters.

Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982

Street Traders
Activity Fee
(a) Single application £472
(b) Town Centre promotion commercial £54
(c) Town Centre promotion voluntary / charity £0
(d) Farmers Market annual £102
(e) Farmers Market occasional £54
(f) Stevenage Day / Carnival / Open Air events commercial trader £54
(g) Stevenage Day / Carnival / Open Air events voluntary / charity £0


Acupuncture, Tattooing, Ear-piercing and Electrolysis
Activity Fee
(a) Registration of premises and one practitioner £379
(b) Registration of premises only £294
(c) Registration of persons £160
Sex Establishments
Activity Fee
(a) Sex cinema licence £3,033
(b) Sex shop licence £3,033
(c) Licence renewal £576
(d) Transfer charge £480
(e) Variation £426

Licensing Act 2003

Premises Licence / Club Premises Certificate

(a) Application for a provisional statement where premises being built - £315

(b) Application for a new licence / certificate, variation of licence / certificate and annual fee payable:

Fees payable 
Band / Rateable Value Cost for new licence / club premises certificate Multiplier (£)(premises exclusive or primarily supplying alcohol for consumption on the premises) Annual Fee (£) (payable on anniversary of initial grant date)
(a) 0 - 4,300 £100   £70
(b) 4,301 - 33,000 £190   £180
(C) 33,001 - 87,000 £315   £295
(D) 87001 - 125,000 £450 or £900 £320 or £640
(e) 125,001 + £635 or £1,905 £350 or £1,050


If the premises hold 5,000 persons or more the following additional fees apply.

 Applicable additional fees
Capacity Additional Fee
Additional Annual
5,000 - 9,999 £1,000 £500
10,000 - 14,999 £2,000 £1,000
15,000 - 19,999 £4,000 £2,000
20,000 - 29,999 £8,000 £4,000
30,000 - 39,999 £16,000 £8,000
40,000 - 49,999 £24,000 £12,000
50,000 - 59,999 £32,000 £16,000
60,000 - 69,999 £40,000 £20,000
70,000 - 79,999 £48,000 £24,000
80,000 - 89,999 £56,000 £28,000
90,000+ £64,000 £32,000

(c) Theft, loss, etc of premises licence / club premises certificate or summary - £10.50

(d) Notification of change of licence holder name or address - £10.50

(e) Notification of change of name and address or premises supervisor - £10.50

(f) Application for transfer of premises licence - £23.00

(g) Application to vary licence to specify individual as premises supervisor - £23.00

(h) Interim authority notice following death etc of licence holder

(i) Right of freeholder (i.e. parties with vested interest) to be notified of licensing matters - £21.00

(j) Change of name or club rules on a club premises certificate £10.50

(k) Change of relevant registered address of club - £10.50

(l) Minor variation - £89.00

Personal licence
Activity Fee
(a) Application for a grant or renewal or personal licence £37.00
(b) Notification of change of name and address £10.50
(c)Theft, loss etc of personal licence £10.50
Temporary events
Activity Fee
(a) Temporary Event notice £21.00
(b) Theft, loss etc of temporary event notice £10.50

Housing Act 2004

Activity Fee
Licence for Housing in Multiple Occupation (HMO) initial application £730
Replacement licence due to theft, loss change of address or minor variation £10
Additional charge for HMO where application is initiated by applicant with local authority intervention £317
Service of improvement notice / prohibition order £394

Please note: charges are indicative and additional charges may applying in complex cases.

Gambling Act 2005

Regional Casino
Activity Fee
New (provisional statement) £5,000
New (no provisional statement) £10,000

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

Activity Fee
(a) Site Licence - grant / renewal £624
(b) Collector Licence - grant / renewal £359
(c) Change of Site £254
(d) Change of Site Manager £82
(e) Change of mobile collector licence to site licence £570
(f) Change of site licence to mobile collector licence £131
(g) Cost of badge £5


Environmental Health and Licensing

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