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If you have received a notice confirming that your council tax account is in credit and would like to claim a refund, please fill in our Council Tax Refund request form available below. The refund will be made directly into your bank account (via BACS), this is the quickest and most cost-effective way to refund a credit to you. We no longer issue cheques.

If you have other accounts that are in arrears, the credit may be used to clear these first.

Please note, to fill in the form you will need your council tax account number and the amount of your refund as stated on your confirmation notice, you can save your progress when filling in the form if you need to.

If the refund is to be paid to a third party this can be done but only if we have prior authority to deal with this party, or authority can be attached to the form.

Make a request for a Council Tax refund - opens new windowExternal Link - opens in a new window