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As well as looking into issues that concern you, councillors review services to make sure they are running smoothly.

What is Scrutiny?

Councils are required by the Local Government Act 2000 to have one or more Overview and Scrutiny Committees as part of their formal political management arrangements.

Scrutiny ensures that decisions we take and the services we run reflect the needs of Stevenage residents. Scrutiny is carried out by elected members who understand and promote the concerns of the local residents who elected them.

What does an Overview and Scrutiny Committee do?

Overview and Scrutiny Committees look to connect decision makers to local residents and involve them directly when possible.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committees do not make decisions; they try to influence those who do by considering any concerns in Stevenage and make recommendations about how services can be improved.

Overview and Scrutiny Committees can do the following:

  • Monitor council service delivery and performance.
  • Review policies and practices.
  • Call Executive (Cabinet) Members and chief officers to account for their actions.
  • Scrutinise external organisations and agencies and partners (for example, the local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership).
  • Make recommendations to the Borough on matters which affect the area or its inhabitants by carrying out themed service reviews.

Which services have been reviewed?

In recent years, themed service reviews have been carried out and have been through the Scrutiny process.

Community Select Committee

  • Housing Allocations
  • Review of Damp, Mould & Condensation in Stevenage Council Homes
  • Review Stevenage Museum
  • Public Health Discussion – Scrutiny of District use of HCC fund
  • Review of Conditions in the Private Rented Housing Sector
  • Crime & Disorder Scrutiny
  • Review of Community Transport for Older People
  • Review of Decent Homes
  • Review of Homelessness
  • Review of Local Community Budgets

See the Community Select agendas for more information.

Environment and Economy Select Committee

  • Indoor Market
  • Local Bus services
  • Review of the Business Technology Centre
  • Discussion on Open Spaces
  • Discussion on the maintenance of Underpasses
  • Review of Allotments
  • Public Toilets Provision
  • Fixed Penalty Notices (Dog Fouling)
  • Review of the Maintenance of Trees, Hedges & Shrub beds
  • Green Travel Plan – Action Plan
  • Review of Refuse & Recycling
  • Review of Training & Employment Opportunities for Young People
  • Review of Cleansing of Children’s Play Areas
  • Review of Inward Investment & Business Support
  • Discussion on Fly Tipping, Littering & Environmental Law

See the Environment and Economy Select agendas for more information.

Have your say

We want you to send us ideas on the things you’d like your Councillors to discuss. To have your say on a local issue or to find out how the council does things, get in touch with us,

You can watch Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings on live stream through our YouTube channel.