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Why do Environmental Health carry out inspections?

We carry out food hygiene inspections to:

  • find out if you are complying with food safety legislation;
  • identify potential risks to food hygiene;
  • find out if you are maintaining a good standard of food hygiene; and
  • offer advice about good food hygiene practice

When will Environmental Health carry out an inspection?

After you start trading, a Food Officer will carry out a food inspection which will give you your first Food Hygiene Rating Scheme score.

Unless your business is in your home, all food hygiene inspections are unannounced so that your business can be assessed and rated whilst you are preparing food.

A poorly managed high risk business will be inspected at least every six months. A safer low risk business is visited less frequently.

What action will be taken following an inspection?

To ensure compliance and to protect public safety, an officer could:

  • give verbal advice;
  • give an informal notice/letter;
  • give a hygiene improvement notice;
  • give a hygiene prohibition order which could close the premises;
  • prosecute; and
  • seize or detain food.

The officer may also visit your business to:

The Food Standards Agency's advice on safety inspections and enforcement gives additional guidance and information about food inspections.

Report a concern

If you have an issue or concern about a food establishment please report it using the form below.

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