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What causes food poisoning?

The main causes of food poisoning are:

  • preparing foods too far in advance;
  • not cooking foods properly;
  • not defrosting foods correctly;
  • storing foods incorrectly (i.e. too warm) so that bacteria can grow quickly;
  • cross contamination of foods after cooking; and
  • infection from people handling foods due to poor hygiene.

Food poisoning can have a negative impact on your business and you will need to know how your customers will be affected.

What are the common illnesses?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA), provide information and advice on the most common illnesses caused by bacteria in food:

Health and Safety

Your premises will need to be safe for your customers and staff and you will need to comply with health and safety legislation.

As well as other information, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), offer guidance on how to prepare a health and safety policy.

Your waste

You are responsible for safely managing, storing and disposing of your food waste. The FSA provide information on the rules of food waste and how to safely dispose of food and cooking oil waste.

We provide a Commercial Waste and Recycling Service and can also provide information on safely disposing of your waste.

Alerts and news

If you want to be updated with what's new in the food sector, the FSA issue food alerts and news updates which you can subscribe to for free.

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