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The Council: Stevenage Borough Council including its agents and employees.

The Customer: the customer / transferor of the waste including its authorised agents, representatives, or responsible persons

The Transfer Station: The Council’s waste transfer station at Cavendish Road, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2ET.

1. The Customer is responsible for fulfilling their duty under Regulation 12 of the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

2. All visitors to the site must wear the appropriate PPE (hard hat, safety boots, and hi-vis) at all times when in The Transfer Station. A hard hat and hi-vis can be provided if needed.

3. No tipping will be permitted without a valid and in-date Waste Carriers Licence.

4. The following waste is accepted at The Transfer Station:

EWC CodeDescription
17 02 01Wood
20 01 01Paper and cardboard
20 01 02Glass
20 01 04Cans
20 01 23Equipment containing chlorofluorocarbons
20 01 39Plastics
20 01 40Metals
20 02 01Green waste
20 03 01Mixed waste
20 03 07Bulky waste
20 02 02Soil/hardcore

5. Payment will be required via major credit / debit cards prior to tipping of the waste. Customers based outside the Stevenage borough boundary will be required to pay VAT.

6. The Customer shall describe the waste accurately on the Waste Transfer Note and will give the correct waste code in line with applicable legislation. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that only waste in line with the description and code is tipped at the Transfer Station.

7. Hazardous waste will not be accepted at The Transfer Station.

8. Any unauthorised waste tipped will either be loaded back onto the vehicle, or the customer will incur additional costs.

9. The Customer must complete a site induction prior to tipping. This will take place on the Customer’s first visit to the Transfer Station.

10. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that all details within the Waste Transfer Note are correct. The Council will not, under any circumstances, consider any claims concerning quantity, quality, or value once the Waste Transfer Note has been signed.