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The objective of this framework is to give guidance on the principles and procedures relating to any advertising or sponsorship carried out by Stevenage Borough Council.

The framework provides guidance for Council officers and prospective advertisers and sponsors as to what is, and is not, acceptable advertising and sponsorship to the Council.

The framework will do the following:

  • Ensure the Council’s reputation is adequately protected in all advertising and sponsorship agreements.
  • Ensure that we adopt a consistent and professional approach towards advertising and sponsorship.
  • Secure best value for money and maximise income.
  • Protect officers and Elected Members from allegations of inappropriate dealings or relationships with advertisers and sponsors.
  • Support the development of commercial partnerships with the private sector.
  • Ensure compliance with legislation, advertising industry codes and other Council.

The appearance of third party advertisement in relation to any Council publication, asset, channel, service, event and / or activities for which it is responsible does not constitute an endorsement by Stevenage Borough Council.

This framework does not override existing contractual arrangements whether as a result of lease terms or otherwise and is not intended to affect the ability of the Council to enter into leases contracts and other arrangements not primarily concerned with advertising or sponsorship in the future.


Sponsorship’ is a contract between parties in which one party meets all or part of the costs of the project or activity, usually in exchange for commercial benefit.

Advertising’ is a contract between parties promoting a product (or service) to potential and current customers.

General Principles

The Council actively seeks sponsorship and advertising opportunities to achieve mutual benefit.

The Council will not consider advertising or sponsorship:

  • from companies who are in dispute with the Council or where there is pending/active legal action;
  • from companies who are in contract negotiation, or have a planning application pending, with the Council, where this may be viewed as an endorsement of the bid;
  • that appears to influence support for a political party or candidate;
  • conflicts with the council's branding;
  • promotes goods or services which are in direct competition with similar goods and services provided by the Council;
  • that involves unlawful prejudice and/or discrimination;
  • promotes smoking, tobacco or similar products;
  • promotes the misuse of alcohol, and/or promotes the use of alcohol by children;
  • involves sexual content;
  • involves violent content;
  • promotes gambling and/or gambling products, services or organisations;
  • promotes loans and/or speculative financial products.

All advertising / sponsorship must:

The above list is not exhaustive and the Council retains the absolute right to decline to enter into any advertising or sponsorship arrangement with any organisation, group or individual or in respect of particular products, services or events which the Council in its sole discretion considers to be inappropriate or incompatible with its objectives.

As and where appropriate, advertising carried on any of the Council’s assets and channels will carry the following disclaimer:

‘Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content of the advertisements displayed here. Stevenage Borough Council cannot accept any liability for errors or omissions contained in any advertisements provided by an advertiser. Stevenage Borough Council does not accept any liability for any information or claims made by the advertisement or by the advertisers. Stevenage Borough Council does not support or endorse any company or organisation advertising on its website or in its premises. The Council is not responsible for the quality or reliability of the product or services offered within any advertisement. The Council would never knowingly run an advertisement that is misleading, offensive, untrue or fraudulent.’

The Council will ensure that any contract entered into with an advertiser or sponsor contains adequate provision for the Council to unilaterally and immediately terminate that contract at any time in circumstances where, after the contract has been entered into, it comes to the Council’s attention that the advertiser, advertisement, sponsor or sponsorship is not compliant with this framework.

All sponsorship and advertising agreements will comply with the Council's policies.

The Council has a duty to ensure that all advertising / sponsorship on Council managed platforms complies with the Town & Country Planning Act.

Stevenage High Street is a heritage and historical area. The Council will take this into account and will ensure that any advertising or sponsorship across the infrastructure in this area is in keeping with the environment.


All advertising contracts and sponsorship agreements will be subject to the terms of this framework. It is recommended that all potential advertisers and sponsors be referred to the framework for information and guidance.

All advertising and sponsorship requests should be passed to the Commercial team for approval prior to agreeing any contractual booking with a client or agency.

The Commercial team will work alongside service managers to manage advertising and sponsorship contracts in their areas.

Where a proposal does not originate from within the Council, but from a third party supplier, the Council’s Commercial service will seek the views of the appropriate service manager prior to any approval of the proposal.

The layout, content and placement of advertising features must comply with the SBC Style Guide.