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All candidates must complete an Application Form. CVs will not be accepted and will be retained by Human Resources until after short listing.

Completing your application form

Completing an application form is the first step in the recruitment process which may lead to an interview. It is therefore most important that you complete all sections of the application form as clearly and fully as possible. Please pay particular attention to the relevant working knowledge, skills and abilities section.

Enclosed with the application form is the Person Specification and Job Description for the post. Please read them carefully before completing the application form. The Person Specification tells you the skills, abilities and knowledge that we require in the successful candidate.

Each of the headings below relates to a section of the application form. Please read the information below to assist you in making your application.

Vacancy Details

This section may have already been completed, but please check that the details are correct. If they are not, use the job details to fill in the section.

Personal Details

Please enter your personal details fully and clearly so we may contact you about your application.

Source of Recruitment

To ensure current recruitment methods are effective, we monitor the response obtained from each source. Please ensure that you indicate where you learnt about the vacancy you are applying for by completing the question on the front of the application form.


We are interested in any form of education you have followed, including any courses which did not lead to an examination or qualification. We will take full note of any education or qualifications gained overseas or as part of a Government Training Scheme.


This refers to membership of institutes or organisations connected with work.

Present and Previous Employment

We are interested in any present or past employment you consider relevant to your application., If you have already left school or college or a training programme and have not yet had a full-time or permanent job, please give details of any other employment you have had such as work experience gained on Government Training Schemes, part-time or holiday work. Your most recent appointments should be listed first.


We will require two satisfactory references before a job offer is made. Please give the names and addresses of two referees. If you are employed or have been employed in the past, the first referee should be your present or most recent employer. School or college leavers may give a Head Teacher or College Principal as their first referee. Please ensure that you have completed your referee’s name, address and full contact details and that they are up to date.

If you have changed your name, e.g. by marriage or deed poll, or are known by a nickname, please indicate the name by which your referee(s) knows you. Your references may be taken up if you are short-listed for an interview, unless you state that a referee should not be approached until you have been contacted.

Medical Clearance

Offers of appointment are subject to receipt of a satisfactory medical questionnaire. Medical questionnaires are dealt with confidentially by our Occupational Health Advisor. A medical examination may be required depending on the post you are applying for and the information given.


If you are related to a Councillor or employee, we ask you to tell us so that we can make sure that all applications are treated fairly. Canvassing any Councillor or employee (i.e. seeking to gain an unfair advantage through personal contacts) will disqualify your application.

Confirmation of Details

Please make sure that you have signed and dated your application to confirm that your details are correct. Please ensure that Human Resources receive your application by the closing time and date as late applications will not be considered.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

We are committed to a policy of equal opportunities in employment. To ensure that our Equal Opportunities Policy is effective we ask you to complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Supplement. The form is confidential and kept separately from the application form.

Disability Symbol

Our Equal Opportunity policy has adopted the Disability Symbol in order to demonstrate our commitment to the employment of people with disabilities. A part of that commitment is that all applicants with a disability will be guaranteed an interview if they meet the essential requirements of the person specification. If you are applying on this basis please tick the box on the monitoring supplement.

The information will not be used for selection but will be used for statistical monitoring purposes only.

If you require any specialist aids please contact Human Resources as soon as you have been notified that you have been selected for an interview.

Membership of organisations

Anyone directly employed by us must disclose membership of any organisation which is not open to the public without formal membership and which has secrecy about rules, membership or conduct. This information must be declared in writing to their appropriate strategic director and will be placed on a register and treated as confidential.

Further Information

Please note that if you have not heard from us within 6 weeks of the closing date you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful. However, it is our policy that unsuccessful job applicants be given the opportunity to discuss their application. If you wish to do this, please contact Human Resources who will put you in touch with the appropriate manager.