Homelessness and Housing Advice

See the links below for information about private tenancies, our equal opportunities statement, homelessness and general housing information.

  • Homelessness
    This service provides information and advice about housing to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Rent Deposit Scheme
    Information about the private sector rent deposit scheme to house people into the private rented sector who have no deposit and are on a low income or on benefits.
  • Housing information and advice
    Advice to residents on all housing related issues, including private rented housing, mortgage arrears, housing rights and options after relationship breakdowns and illegal eviction.
  • Homelessness and Housing Advice Service Charter
    Information about our Housing Advice and Homelessness teams, what you can expect from us and what we can do if things go wrong.
  • Housing advice - existing private tenancy
    Stevenage Borough Council’s Housing Advice Service may be able to provide help and advice to existing private tenants who may be a victim of harassment, illegal eviction or experiencing trouble or issues with their landlord.
  • Homelessness and Housing Advice - Equal Opportunities
    Stevenage Borough Council recognise that there are groups in society that face disadvantage discrimination and will counteract this through a policy of equality of opportunity for all.
  • Street homeless people over winter months
    If you come across someone you believe may be street homeless or roofless and in need of help during office hours please advise the person to attend the council’s customer service centre to submit a hostel referral form.
  • Next Step Lets - Private sector renting
    Information about the private sector scheme, run by SBC, to assist people into the private sector.