Your Tenancy

For information about your tenancy contract, ending your tenancy, joint tenancies, giving your tenancy to someone else, lodgers & sub-letting and evictions please use the links below:

  • Subletting
    Do you know someone that is subletting their council property? Report it here!
  • Ending your Tenancy
    Information about how to end your tenancy and what you need to do once you have given us notice.
  • Tenancy Agreement
    Your tenancy agreement and what it means.
  • Joint Tenancies
    If you are a sole tenant and you live with a partner or spouse who you now wish to share the rights and responsibilities of tenancy with, you need to apply for a joint tenancy.
  • Lodgers
    What you need to do if you take in lodgers.
  • Evictions
    Information about when we might consider eviction, what happens if you are evicted and what you can do to stop the eviction.
  • Transferring your Tenancy
    How you might give your tenancy to someone else.