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What is the 'Right Up My Street' award?

The 'Right Up My Street' award gives recognition to a street in Stevenage that has made significant contribution to its local residents.

The competition allows Stevenage residents to identify the Stevenage streets that best exemplify a spirit of cooperation, community spirit and great neighbourhood relations through actions and initiatives that have made a positive difference to people in their local area either individually or as a group.

Who can be nominated for the title of ‘Friendliest Street in Stevenage?'

Any street, close or block can be nominated by a member of the Stevenage community who believes their street, close or block deserves to be celebrated for its commitment to community togetherness and involvement, friendship and teamwork.

The nominations will be judged by the Mayor of Stevenage Councillor Margaret Notley, the Mayoress, and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Myla Arceno.

How will you judge who wins the award?

The award will go to the street after considering the following points:

  • Achievements or actions of an inspiring nature directly supporting and assisting local residents living on that street.
  • How these achievements or actions have helped residents and the impact this has had.
  • The nominated street needs to evidence how it made a real difference to its residents that live on the street promoting community togetherness and involvement, teamwork and friendship.
  • Telling us why your nominated street is special or important to you.

A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be chosen with a plaque for 1st place.

When can I nominate a street?

'Right Up My Street' nominations have now closed.