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What do Community Development Officers do?

Your Community Development Officers support local voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VCSEs). They work collaboratively with other council departments and local councillors within the Cooperative Neighbourhood framework. There are six area teams that cover the whole of the town, this enables quick direct access between officers to help address issues.

Each Community Development Officer (CDO) has a responsibility for specific wards and cooperative areas in Stevenage and they:

  • work alongside Neighbourhood Wardens to create and maintain relationships with stakeholders across all Stevenage wards.
  • work closely with Ward Councillors to do any work that meets the needs of the community and monitor and make public realm improvements within Stevenage.
  • engage with the community and community groups, working with them to find funding, training, volunteers and generally support community organisations.
  • liaise with other council departments to address issues within the community and to monitor and make public realm improvements within Stevenage.
  • work with voluntary services to undertake projects within the community.
  • help set up and attend residents meetings.
  • support community events such as Stevenage Day and local fetes.
  • facilitate consultation projects.
  • advise on and assist the setup of voluntary, charity and social enterprises.