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Stevenage Borough Council is working with our community partners and Herts County Council to support Warm Spaces across the town. Warm Spaces are where people can come together for warm and safe places to spend time. Stevenage Warm Spaces will ensure:

A warm welcome as well as Warm Space

Every time you come to a Warm Space you'll be given a warm welcome from the staff and volunteers there.

That everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect

Everyone has a right to be warm, so everyone in a Warm Space treats people, and is treated by people, with dignity and respect.

That your Warm Space will be a safe space

Your Warm Space will stick to the safeguarding policies that it always uses, and it will stick to food hygiene rules too!

That we won’t tell anyone about you needing a Warm Space

If you want to share the reasons you use a Warm Space, someone will listen, but they won't tell anyone else unless you give them permission, or they must because of their safeguarding policies. If you want to ask for extra support – with benefits, health, fuel and other costs or anything else, the staff will put you in touch with the right people, with your consent.

It doesn't matter why you need a Warm Space Every Warm Space is a non-judgemental space; whatever the reason you have for coming in, you'll be treated the same and never judged.

There will be options of what to do in your Warm Space

Every Warm Space will have the option to participate in some activity, from more casual “coffee” hours to a service’s usual activities. If you don’t fancy this, you can always find a seat and bring something with you to do.

You can have food and drink

Please be advised some Warm Spaces may have restrictions for food, but our Warm Spaces will endeavour to provide food and drink, or allow you to bring your own where suitable. 

Stevenage Warm Spaces Timetable

You can find which venues are open each day, just click on the day that you would like information for. These will be updated weekly as more warm spaces open across the town.

For more warm spaces across the county, please visit the Hertfordshire County Council website.

For information about help during the cost of living crisis, please visit the 'Help to manage the cost of living' page.

For support with benefits and further cost of living support, please visit the Stevenage CAB website.

If you would like further information or can provide a warm space in Stevenage, please email us on